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The team of “Hello Maldives Holidays” has been working in the Maldivian Tourism environment for more than 25 years – today, blindly we could say that MOST of the travelers / guests / holiday makers looks for the LOWEST PRICES / RATES.

Thus Prices / Rates has become one of the (infact the major) dominant factor for the guest’s to make the decision, whether to get committed to that particular tour operator / travel agent, for the specific, prestigious special holiday in Maldives.

To be very frank, we MAY NOT be the service provider who offers the Lowest Rates / Prices.

But surely (over 100%) we guarantee to all our valued guests that our prices and rates will be far more competitive with regard to the individualized services that our guests receives, immediately upon they start the communication with us.

Simply, we CANNOT compromise on our guests valuable and prestigious holiday in Maldives.

Infact, each and every individual booking / reservation is personally supervised by our Managing Director (Mr. Mohamed Niyaz); which means our MD has to know every single guest who confirms a reservation / booking, who arrived today and for which resort or cruise vessel, guest house, name of the guests who departed and when he/she/they departed, and whether the front-stage staffs (overall Hello Maldives Holidays) have had met the protocols to meet the requirements and the needs of the guests. How was the guests expressions. Were we able to meet the guests expectations with regard to our services. Were we able to get a comment from the guests, if so what was the comment …. , etc., etc.,

Still while you do your homework in planning your forthcoming holiday in Maldives, please do check out our Prices / Rates along with others, we are sure that you will not be disappointed – instead SURPRISE !!!!!

Being a proud 100% Maldivian owned company – based on the capital city (Male’), we are fully aware with all the little details which takes place in the Maldivian tourism environment, economy, activities, travel, etc., etc.,; with us – you are surely in the safe hands.

“Being local we have a greater depth of understanding, knowledge and knowing of our country – which is an added advantage for all our valued guests.”

As we have seen and assisted some guests who arrived to Maldives wandering at the Velaana International Airport – NOT knowing what to do – at times these guests will miss the transfer or goes to the wrong island. These are guests who have done reservations through companies OUTSIDE OF MALDIVES – who may or may not have a single representative or perhaps a small office in Maldives with only 1 to 2 staffs.

To be on the safe side, you and your loved ones as travelers to Maldives – ask the Tour operator or Travel Agent to show you their “T-GST number” and verify and authenticate it from MIRA (Maldives Inland Revenue) www.mira.com.mv – and the “OLTA Registration Number” and verify and authenticate it from (Maldives Tourism Ministry) www.tourism.gov.mv

  • Hello Maldives Holidays / Hello Maldives Pvt. Ltd., (T-GST No: 1003156GST501)
  • Hello Maldives Holidays / Hello Maldives Pvt. Ltd., (OLTA Registration No: TRA-21)

Unlike those companies (Companies Outside of Maldives), we have our own well trained front-stage staffs who stays at the Airport round-the-clock, 24hours a day, 7-days a week. Our valued guests will NEVER, repeat will NEVER have to wander at Airport or will every get lost.

Ofcourse, it will be the greatest pleasure for us to welcome you at “Velaana International Airport” and guide you, help you, assist you, to make your holiday and everlasting memorable holiday.

Hello Maldives Holidays works with the One & Only Openhotelier – www.openhotelier.com 

We also work closely with DMC’s, Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Travel Agents around the globe. These trusted partners are Internationally accredited through respectable organizations.


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The Republic of Maldives.
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