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Angaga island resort and spa is located in the heart of South Ari-Atoll. South Ari-Atoll is mostly known for its rich marine life with the best diving points. The island is surrounded by white powdery sandy beach with crystal clear water lagoon and  a house-reef full of colorful fish species which is heaven for snorkelers and divers. The size of the island is approximately 42372 square meters. Distance from Male’ Airport is about 85km and it takes about 25 minutes to reach the island by Seaplane or 20 minutes to nearest Domestic Maamigili Airport, followed by a 25 minute Speed Boat ride to the island.



A perfect patch of white sand where you can relax under rustling palms, to the sound of waves and gaze at horizons of blue. 50 Maldivian types of thatched, detached beach bungalows, 20 Water Bungalows and 20 Superior Water Bungalows allowing to have the best views of serene waters.

  • Superior Beach Bungalow
  • Superior Water Bungalow
  • Water Bungalow


  • Superior Beach Bungalow (45 sqm – upto 3 Guests)

Beach room with a luxury ensuite bathroom featuring modern fittings including panorama glass mirrors and twin wash basins. Room opens out with a full glass door with glass front set to a private wooden deck with seating and swing.

Amenities: Hot & Cold Fresh Water / Bathtub with separate shower / Air condition / Mini Fridge / Satellite TV with flat screen / Hair Dryer / Telephone / Tea or Coffee making facilities / WC / luxury bamboo furniture / Sun Chair / Bathroom amenities (bathrobe, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel) /  Wi-Fi available at cost.


  • Superior Water Bungalow (65 sqm – upto 3 Guests)

Newly built luxury Water bungalows aesthetical interiors and a back door that leads to a private sun deck and direct access to the turquoise lagoon .

Amenities: Hot & Cold Fresh Water / Bathtub with separate shower / Air condition / Mini Fridge / Satellite TV with flat screen / Hair Dryer / Telephone / Tea or Coffee making facilities / WC / luxury bamboo furniture / Sun Chair / Bathroom amenities (bathrobe, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel) /  Wi-Fi available at cost / Glass bottom table / Backdoor to the private Sundeck / Direct access to lagoon.


  • Water Bungalow (56 sqm – upto: 3 Guests)

Over water bungalow featuring a stunning glass bottomed coffee table. The backdoor leads to a private Sundeck with direct access to the turquoise lagoon 

Amenities: Hot & Cold Fresh Water / Bathtub with separate shower / Air condition / Mini Fridge / Satellite TV with flat screen / Hair Dryer / Telephone / Tea or Coffee making facilities / WC / luxury bamboo furniture / Sun Chair / Bathroom amenities (bathrobe, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel) /  Wi-Fi available at cost / Glass bottom table / Backdoor to the private sundeck / Direct access to lagoon.



Dolphin Restaurant

Oaring a delectable array of international cuisine, the main restaurant caters to please all tastes, be it Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Western or authentic & traditional Maldivian cuisine for those adventurous enough. Bluet style breakfast, lunch and dinner features exquisite creations guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. The limitless choices available in bluet style of breakfast, lunch & dinner are crafted tantalize your taste buds. Paired with the mesmerizing view of the sunlit beach and the lull of the lazy waves, every meal is bound to be a pleasurable experience.

Halal, Vegetarian, Dietary food available

Maldivian night every Tuesday

Seafood available on request (Chargeable)

Special preparations available on request

  • Breakfast 0730 hours – 1000 hours
  • Lunch 1230 hours to 1400 hours (Friday 1300 hours to 1430 hours)
  • Dinner 1930 hours to 2100 hours


Beach Bar

Sip your tea/coffee or your favorite from Angaga menu and experience the mouthwatering A La Carte dishes prepared by the professional Chefs. For details, you may always refer to the menus available at the Bar.

To enjoy time while having your favorite drinks, Angaga offers some exciting board/card games that you could play with your friends and loved ones. Moreover, live music band performs in the main Bar/Coffee Shop once every week. Make sure to visit and have a listen to famous covers ad enjoy the night with the band.

Bar Opening Hours

0800 hours – 0000 hours (Untill Last Guest Leaves)

All-Inclusive Drinks are served until Midnight only.

Other services in the bar (table games & music shows)

Live Music Band plays on every Saturday night.


Sundown Bar

Experience some of Angaga’s signature cocktails/mocktails while spending relentless time on seeing the sunset or may be after a dip. Mingle in the golden sunshine under blue skies or start your night on the right note with chilled beats and a spectacular starlit sky, as signature cocktails by our mixologists turns anytime you’re here into a celebration of vibrant fun over water.

Bar Opening Hours

0800 hours – 00 hours (until last guest leaves)

All Inclusive Drinks are served until Midnight only.



It’s no secret that Spa therapies are an enhancement to life. “Duny” emphasize inner healing and the balance of mind, body and soul using a fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies and treatments set in contemporary oriental surroundings. Our treatments are designed to help you relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, but most importantly you will return home with more energy, greater focus and an enhanced sense of balance. Feel the benefits as you experience a touch of paradise here at Duny Thai Spa.

Traditional Thai Massage

(Balancing body energy) – 5 min foot spa 45 min / 85 min muscle stretching

This non-oil massage therapy was originally performed to facilitate a deeper meditation practice with the philosophy of peace. The massage focuses on muscle stretching and pressing to stimulate the natural flow of ten energy lines, which conduct and carry the energy throughout the body. This treatment will release blocked energy and help to restore your natural balance, health and harmony. Follow with two steam Herbal Bags to relax tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation.


Royal Thai Aromatic Massage

(aches and tension relief) –  5 min foot spa 45 min / 85 min medium to firm pressure massage with warm aromatic oil.

Most people will suffer stress through pressure of everyday living. Stress is often responsible for causing tension in our muscles. Combining vigorous and soothing massage movement, this massage melts away muscular aches and tension as well as relaxes the whole body and mind.


Stone Massage

(deep relaxation)  –  5 min foot Spa 45 /85 min warm oil hot stone massage

This holistic ritual is a massage that helps encourage balance, comfort and well-being. It is carried out using the warm stones. This massage can discover the healing power of stones, known for their energizing properties. The heat provided by the stones will penetrate deep into that body, giving a calming and relaxing experience.


Classical Swedish Massage

(muscle relaxation)  –  5 min foot spa 45 min / 85 mins medium to firm pressure massage

Uses the world-renowned, classic massage techniques, which release physical stress and fatigue. It combines vigorous and soothing massage movements adapted to the individual’s specific areas of tension. This massage is highly effective for muscle relaxation.


Back, Neck & Head Massage

(back pain and headache relief)  –  5 min foot spa 45 min firming massage

Tight muscle reduces circulation, letting waste products accumulate, which can leave you feeling fatigued and sore. Plus waste products can irritate nerves, causing pain to spread. This massage can release contracted muscles, increase circulation and relaxes the nervous system. Waste products are flushed away and replaced with oxygen and nutrients.


Foot Reflexology

(stimulate the nervous system)

Sometimes tight muscles press on nerves, causing tingling, numbness, or more pain. This massage can help by stretching tight muscles and by applying medium pressure to specific points on the feet to stimulate the nervous system. This massage helps to relax muscle tension and boost the immune system.


Pre Tanning Treatment

(prepares skin for the tanning process)  –  5 min foot spa 40 min pre tanning treatment

The ideal preparation for your skin to get the most out of the sun with a well-protected skin. Coconut exfoliating body scrub will remove dulling debris while the traditional massage will help penetrate the pure virgin coconut oil into your prone to dry skin when exposed to the sun. Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant and has been used for centuries by Tropical natives to prevent sagging and wrinkled skin. This treatment increases the speed of the tanning process and produces a deep, smooth glowing lasting tan.


After Sun Treatment

(soothing and calming)

Rejuvanate your skin again after sun bathing with soothing and natural Aloe Vera after Sun Treatment. It has a healing effect making it an excellent choice after exposure to the sun. Give your body a wonderful healthy glow with this special treatment that will balance your skin color and moisturize your entire body. A unique luxurious skin pampering, mind and body therapy in one relaxing program; with a dip into a romance bath and finished with a soothing aromatic massage.


Moisturizing Facial

(skin moisturizing)

Facial Cleansing Tone Facial Scrub Facial Massage Facial Mask

A facial treatment that will encourage the skin to reveal its luminosity by reducing fatigue signs on the face. Its active ingredients work to smooth and moisture the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger as it helps the skin to battle against stress.


Sensitive Facial

(skin smoothing)

This treatment is designed to deep cleanse and detoxify skin. A treatment that is extra gentle especially for sensitive skin, suitable for skin with inflammation, fragile capillaries, sun burn or other problems caused by sensitivity. This treatment will soothe your skin and give you a fresh radiant look.


Oxygenating Facial

(skin detoxifying)

Facial Cleansing Tone Facial Scrub Facial Massage Facial Mask

This treatment works on the lymphatic system to relieve congestion within the tissues. Increase the muscle tone, tighten the pores, brighten the eyes and reduce stress. This brings out the innate beauty and radiance of an individual.


Body Polish

Daily environment changes, busy activity and stressful lifestyle will affect your whole look. The skin will look tired and dull, lacking healthy radiance. This body smoothing treatment will put the moisture level of your skin back to its normal state. A fantastic blend of aromatic essential oils will transform dull and tired skin into a silky, smooth and naturally glowing complexion.


Body Wrap

Perfect for sun worshipers, this cooling and soothing wrap, that uses Aloe Vera as the main ingredient, is the ideal choice to pamper skin that has had too much exposure to the sun. This treatment will leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and refreshed.


Nail Care

Manicure & Hand massage, Pedicure & Foot massage,  Color Change


Wax Treatment

Eye Brows, Upper Lip

Under Arms, Half Arms, Full Arms, Half Legs, Full Leg

Bikini Lines, Brazilian


Spa Package

At Duny Thai Spa – massage and treatment combine an emphasis to your body and mind. The package will make you absolutely relaxed, rejoiced and reinvigorated from head to toe.


A Touch of Thai

Relaxing and Renewing

This experience starts with a special blend of Thai herbs used to deeply cleanse the skin to help the body to eliminate toxins and impurities. The massage with traditional Thai techniques is followed by a Thai herbal compress. A herbal scent soothes you into total relaxation, Romance Bath, Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Herbal Compress, Thai Traditional Herbal Scrub


You & Me Package (for a couple)

Well-being and Energizing

The perfect package for the couple that does everything together. Enjoy relaxation for two with a holistic approach, utilizing natural active ingredients from aromatic oils. Start the experience with the Romance Bath. By combining the effects of aromatic oil and a thorough relaxing body massage, you can feel tension melt away, as mind and body are brought back to the point of equilibrium. Romance Bath, Royal Thai Aromatic Massage, Refreshment.


Blend to Bliss Package (for a Couple)

Oriental Rhythm of Respiration

The luxury of time where you can unwind. You will begin your time in pampering heaven. An unforgettable spa experience, rhythm of respiration is performed by experienced therapists working in rhythmic harmony with you. The rhythm of this treatment, synchronized to your respiration, is performed using special products blended with oriental essential oils. A rewarding experience which let you drift into blissful serenity. A Choice of Body Polish or Romance Bath, Royal Thai Aromatic Massage, Moisturizing Facial, Refreshment.



Sports & Activities



Type of Tennis Court: Outdoor Grass Court

Gear Equipment: Available at front desk

Operating Time: 0600 hours to 2200 hours


Volleyball & Beach Soccer

Beach Volleyball available



Outdoor Concrete Ground

Operating Time: 0600 hours to 2200 hours


Indoor Activities

Game Center

Table Tennis

Dart Board

Garlando Table available

Operating Time: 24 hours available



Fitness Center & Gym

Unleash the warrior in your and finish off sweater and sexier than you’ve ever been before with Angaga Fitness Center. Relax & increase your muscle endurance. Improve your stamina. Shred fat!

Facilities & Equipment available at the Gym:

Abdominal Bench

Lat Pulldown Machine

Upper Right Exercise Bike

Pec Deck Machine


Stair Stepper

Leg Curl Machine

Spin Bike


Operating Time: 0530 hours to 2300 hours


SUB AQUA Watersports

Paddle across the island in a kayak. Ride the early morning breeze to wind-surf across the lagoon. Enjoy a relaxing catamaran sail to a nearby island. Balance on a stand up paddle board. Wake-boarding, jet skiing. A full menu of water sport activities ad facilities to experience and indulge in as part of your Maldives holiday! The adventure is yours to be had.

Water Sport Facilities

Canoe / Catamaran sailing / fun tube / Jet Ski tours / waterskiing / wakeboarding / sailing lessons / stand-up paddling / knee boarding / snorkel lessons / windsurfing / windsurfing lessons

Operating Time: 0830 hours to 1200 hours and 1400 hours to 1700 hours.


Other Facilities


In-house travel library with 100 titles to choose from. Variety of genres includes biographies, thrillers, travel, action, and entertainment. Have a browse from the extensive selection and borrow during your stay. Opening 24 hours.


Boutique Shop / Souvenir Shop

Get some postcards and sent them to your family and friends or find the best gifts for your loved ones back home. Need not worry about missing out any toiletries, or beach clothes. Run down to our boutique shop and you’ll find all available.

The boutique shop holds locally made arts and crafts, postcards, beachwear, swimwear, toiletries, snorkeling gear, confectionery, and snacks.


Morning: 0930 hours to 1300 hours

Afternoon: 1400 hours to 1800 hours

Evening: 1900 hours to 2000 hours and 2030 hours to 2200 hours



Breathtaking Angaga Island Journeys

A number of exciting excursions are scheduled weekly and whenever guests have had their fill of catching rays on the beach, they are welcome to sign up for an adventure at the reception.



Saturday & Tuesday @ 0900 hours – 1100 hours – US$ 20 per person / Minimum 08 Adults

For those who would love to see the underwater but hesitate to take the deep plunge, snorkeling is a wonderful alternative. With just a snorkel mask and fin you can be witness to the activities of the many different species of fish on the unique Maldivian reefs. You are guaranteed to encounter playful fish and rare corals and perhaps a turtle or some other curious creatures too if you are lucky.


Sunset fishing

Monday & Friday @ 1730 hours – 2000 hours – US$ 20/- per person / Minimum 08 Adults

Sunset fishing in Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. You can catch snappers, groupers, barracuda, jackfish and many more during sunset fishing while enjoying the sparkling breathtaking view, the rhythmic music of waves and gentle breeze amidst nature’s splendor. The fish you catch will be served barbecued on the beach during the same evening.


Half Day Island Hopping

Friday @ 1400 hours – 1700 hours – US$ 20/- per person / Minimum 02 Adults

There are a lot of places to see around Maldives. It will be an ultimate experience to visit a local island or a fishing village and see the Maldivians way of life. It can be said that if you do not explore a local island in Maldives, your trip is incomplete. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a first-hand experience on the local life and also to do some shopping.


Snorkeling with Whale Shark

Sunday & Thursday @ 0830 hours – 1230 hours – US$ 55 per person / Minimum 08 Adults

The whale sharks that you can find in the Maldives are rather small ones measuring on average between 4 and 8 meters. These magnificent gentle giants of the ocean draw visitors from around the globe. Exploring and swimming with the whale sharks is an experience that will last with you for a life time. This is your opportunity to see these magnificent creatures; however luck plays a big role. Just in case you are passionate about statistics, you are more likely to see a whale shark.


Sunset Photo Sailing

Saturday @ 0830 hours to 1230 hours – US$ 25/- per person / Minimum 08 Adults

There is no better way than taking a sunset cruise to capture the magnificent vista of scarlet skies, brilliant hues of lavender and rich blue wisps of clouds as the sun is about to set. A sunset cruise in the Maldives will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset in all natures glory without any man made interference shadowing the amazing sight. Capture the awe-inspiring images of the sunset as a memoir of your great stay in the Maldives.


Manta Snorkeling

Wednesday @ 0830 hours to 1230 hours – US$ 45/- per person / Minimum 08 Adults

Experience the excitement of seeing magnificent Mantas, these creatures are found in groups, if you are lucky you will get to take pictures and swim with these gentle creatures of the ocean.


Meeting Point Reception (15 minutes before Departure).

All trips are subjected to Weather conditions.

Prices are subject to change or Excursions may cancel without prior notice due to bad weather or insufficient number of pax reserved for the trip.

Don’t forget to bring your sun protection lotion, towels, snorkeling gears, money for shopping, and for sure the camera to keep those memories alive long after you leaves us. A little tip for the Boat crew would be nice as well.

While we go to a local island please cover your shoulders and wear shorts or a skirt no shorter than knees.

Children from the age of 2 to 11.99 will get 50% Discount from the above mentioned rate.

50% charges apply when cancelled 6 hours prior to excursion.

100% charges apply when cancelled 6 hours prior to excursion.

All price is quoted in US$ and is subject to 10% Service Charge, a further 12% T-GST applies to final charge including Service charge.




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