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Rustic simplicity and a wealth of underwater wonders

Bathala, a three-star resort located in North Ari Atoll. Surrounded by a pristine white beach and a breathtaking house reef. A mere 40km from Velaanaa International Airport, 20 minutes by seaplane 75 minutes by speed boat. Just indulge in pure Maldivian delight.

Bathala is a pure and simple paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. This Maldives resort boast one of the best house reefs in the area frequented by a host of exciting marine life including grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, manta rays and eagle rays. There are six entries and exit points for direct access from the spectacular white sand beach. What’s more, there are more than 50 dive sites in the vicinity to explore. Start your day by diving with grey reef sharks on the house reef, exploring coral-encrusted caves and overhangs or taking a morning boat excursion to a fascinating thila or wreck.


Superior Villas

Bathala has total 46 rooms built over approximately 5 hectares of land. Each villa is designed with a touch of authentic Maldivian architecture to fuse seamlessly with nature.

46 Superior Villas

Room Size: 45-50m2 (approx.)

Room View: Set amongst the white sand and verdant foliage, these villas can vary slightly in size but each villa faces the beach.


  • Air conditioning
  • Hair Dryer
  • Mini fridge
  • Bathroom with outdoor shower
  • Sun-loungers




Main Restaurant: an open restaurant located on the south beach side of the island. Serves buffet style international cuisine. Let your feet sink into the soft sandy floors, sit back and relax, let our culinary team delight you with their mouthwatering dishes with expertise.

Private Dining

Private dining is available on request for special celebrations. We can set up a romantic dinner or BBQ on the beach, under the stars.

The Main Bar:

located near the main restaurant for easy access, fresh juices as well as an extensive range of wines and cocktails.






Whilst diving is the most popular activity at Bathala (please see the separate section on diving with the Werner Lau Dive Centre team) there are also plenty of other activities and excursions available at our Maldives resort. Including volleyball, table-tennis, darts and board games.

As well as this we offer a range of exciting excursions such as night fishing, snorkeling, local island visits, dolphin watching, sand bank excursions and shopping trips to the capital city, Male.

We also present a weekly ‘bodu beru’ show – one of the Maldives’ proudest and most exciting cultural traditions. ‘Bodu beru’ is a traditional form of drumming and dancing thought to be influenced by some of the country’s ancient African heritage. (Present-day Maldivians are descended from Indian, Sri Lankan, African and Middle Eastern roots, as the country was located at a major crossroads for ancient traders). The thrilling spectacle of traditional Maldivian dancing accompanied by the rhythmic beating of the drums makes for a mesmerizing and exciting spectacle.



Bathala is one of the most famous and legendary diving resorts in the Maldives. The resort has been providing guests with access to some of the most incredible dive sites in the country for more than a quarter of a century.

The glorious house reef is a treasure-trove of wonders. Each time you dive it from any one of the six access points you’ll see something new, from sleeping nurse sharks hiding in a cave to a tiny and intricately detailed nudibranch resting on a rock. Shoal of reef fish of every color of the rainbow create a technicolor spectacle, moray eels proudly peer out from holes and grey reef sharks cruise around the stunning coral reef. Some guests stay for one week and find enough to thrill them on the house reef alone.

The Werner Lau Dive Centre is fully-equipped with a range of modern equipment and we provide daily diving excursions including half-day and full-day trips. Our team of welcoming dive staff are multilingual and highly professional.

Bathala Thila

This famous site measures 80m in length by 20m wide. Here your chances are very good of seeing grey reef sharks and big schools of tropical fish including groupers, fusiliers, trevally and even leaf fish. Some colorful and beautiful macro life can also have been spotted at Bathala thila including nudibranchs.

Bathala Maaga Kan Thila

A popular spot for grey reef sharks, the 300m long thila features a wall which drops down to 30m on one side. During incoming currents, big schools of fish fill the scene with color. You might also see manta rays here on the outgoing current during April through to November.

Fish Head

Fish Head is one of the most famous scuba diving sites in North Ari Atoll. Large schools of fish including napoleon wrasse and trevally can always be found here, not to mention green turtles and hawksbill turtles which divers see on practically every dive at Fish Head. There are a lot of soft corals at the top of the reef which the turtles love, plus vibrant blue-striped snapper.

Maaya Thila

Divers love Maaya Thila because this is a dive site where you can usually see everything! Common sights include white-tip reef sharks, barracuda and schools of mackerel. It’s also a great spot for night dives due to the large number of reef sharks which congregate towards the top of the reef after sunset.

Fesdu Wreck

This 30m-long fishing boat was sunk for divers during the 1980s. Today it’s completely covered in soft corals and is an excellent place to observe macro life including manta shrimps and cleaner shrimps. The wreck lies upright with the bottom tip resting on the sandy bottom at about 29m, surrounded by garden eels. There’s also a small 40m by 50m thila nearby. The top of the thila is covered in anemones and during the right season it is sometimes used as a manta cleaning station.

Maalhoss Thila

The excursion to Maalhoss Thila is a full-day trip consisting of two dives, one of which can also include Fesdu Wreck or another exciting location). The huge thila measures 200m in length by 50m in width and is a popular spot for reef sharks, nurse sharks and manta rays as well as fusiliers, blue-striped snappers and sweetlips. On the south side, there’s a wall running down to roughly 10m, with another wall at 20 to 25m and yet another dropping away beyond 30m. There are overhangs filled with beautiful blue and white soft coral, known as ‘the blue caves’.



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