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Anti Fraud Policy

Anti Fraud Policy

Credit-card fraud is on the increase. No country, company or individual is immune to the trend.

That makes it even more important that all your holiday transactions are treated with utmost privacy and security.

Hello Maldives Holidays (a subsidiary of Hello Maldives Private Limited ) has established anti-fraud practices throughout the company to protect the interests of all our guests to the best of our ability.

The aim is to protect the privacy of your personal details – including your credit/debit card details, other personal details and details of your holiday arrangements.

“Hello Maldives Holidays” staffs are instructed to follow these protocols and procedures rigorously:

  • All credit/debit card payments have the protection of our secure payments system.
  • Every “Hello Maldives Holidays” computer is password protected for personal use and uses firewalls, automatically-updated anti-virus protection including Adware protection and Malware protection.
  • All hard discs, discs and portable storage devices are erased before they are discarded.
  • Passwords for “Hello Maldives Holidays” admin system are restricted to users only and changes regularly.
  • “Hello Maldives Holidays”, in Maldives office, shreds after use all printouts of personal information that might be used to build up your personal profile.
  • Any printouts of your details, such as flight information, are kept securely.
  • “Hello Maldives Holidays” posts information arrives in unmarked envelopes to reduce the chance of postal fraud.
  • “Hello Maldives Holidays” office has 24-hour security and CCTV.
  • Company staff are checked, well known to each other and operate in a caring and responsible environment.
  • “Hello Maldives Holidays” never passes your personal information to third parties.
  • “Hello Maldives Holidays” never spams – our email circulars are restricted to an occasional emailed newsletter and requests to be removed from this list will immediately be respected.
  • As a Maldives company, “Hello Maldives Holidays” directors undergo financial and personal checks to EU standards.
  • Company is registered travel agency in Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Tourism.
  • Company is registered at the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority.
  • Company is audited by authentic auditing firms, annually.

Please ensure that any holiday supplier you use understands and follows similar procedures. Some do, many do not.

Please keep your holiday memorable for the right reasons.

“Hello Maldives Holidays” management