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Cruising among the islands of Maldives;

is a better alternative, to lying on resort beaches.

The best way to view and explore the numerous islands of Maldives is to glide over the Maldivian turquoise waters on a cruise boat, visiting different dive-sites and get around the picturesque island nation. Explore the archipelago and spend time on some of the best Maldives inhabited and uninhabited  beaches in one holiday.

There are 26 Atolls ( group of islands) in the archipelago comprising more than 1200 islands/islets composed of sand bars and coral reefs. Secluded lagoons, crystal-clear water, vibrant reefs and magnificent marine animals have made the Maldives a tourist’s haven. Primarily a “Scuba Diving” hotspot, the beaches of Maldives are popular with everyone from celebrities who sail in their private yachts to backpacker-travelers that enjoy a more rustic and culturally enriching experience.

In a liveaboard cruise you have the following options:


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